My Work

My Work

My Work

Listening whilst suspending judgement about what is being presented

An effective coaching session establishes a positive working relationship between the coach and the coachee. The purpose of coaching is to provide a confidential space to explore a client’s directions and goals whilst working creatively towards desired outcomes. Ultimately, a coach supports a coachee to deepen their understanding of themselves and of life. 

Being bilingual I work in French and English. My working process is an evidence-based approach grounded in Positive Psychology and informed by Existential Coaching Theory; Gestalt Coaching; Clean Language; and the Person Centred approach to coaching. Above all, my work is relational.


I specialise in Life and Performance coaching, for individuals and teams. Contact me to arrange a preliminary meeting so I can answer your questions and set up our coaching schedule. Sessions, either face to face or via Zoom, are typically an hour in duration and two to four sessions a month. Each schedule is bespoke and designed together. 


Some people arrive with a clear awareness of what they want to achieve. However, goals may emerge out of the conversations between myself and the coachee. 

We live in a ‘complex’ and ‘chaotic’ world, that does not always follow a linear pathway. Taking time to get to know a client’s identity, values, resources and aspirations enhances the quality of the working relationship which promotes sustainable change.

An Integrative approach

“Accordingly, we consider excellence in coaching to be the implementation of a set of interpersonal processes that lead to the coachee experiencing enhanced physical health (physiological), engagement in effective, purposeful actions (behavioural), the possession of sufficient attentional control to process information effectively (cognitive), an ability to encounter wider range of emotional states with equanimity and poise (affective), and the conscious linking of personal goals and commitments to important beliefs, core values, and/or developing interests (meaning)” (Spence and Deci 2016 p.87).

Ethics, Insurance
and Supervision

I am an EMCC Accredited Coach at Practitioner level and I subscribe to EMCC’s Code of Ethics ( I have my own insurance and I receive regular monthly supervision. 

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